The Gateway of Realities Kobold is a small scaled bipedal creature with Draconic anatomy.

Created in "stylized realism" art-style, TGOR Kobold is aiming to capture realistic details, while still preserving cartoonish lightness and cuteness in its appearance. It feels right at home among many other SL avatar designs.

The avatar is built for extensive customization, with Bakes on Mesh and many different attachment choices to make your look truly personal.
Anatomically correct and ready for sexual roleplay, avatar comes with stretchable tailhole and vulva as part of the body, and it includes an innovative animesh penis.

Brought to you by Salireths and Hopfel.

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Feet size options

🔄 How To Update:

Nothing to update, new body items added.

📈 Changelog:

By popular demand, added different leg mesh variants with smaller and bigger sized feet.
Fixed permissions on Library packages (now copy/mod).


HUD Script Bugfix

🔄 How To Update:

Wear new HUD

📈 Changelog:

Fixed bug with HUD sets not showing new pages when there is more than 8 sets.


Initial Release