What the Gateway of Realities is all about?

We're making interactive entertainment themed around our (and hopefully your) adult fantasies. Our biggest dream is that Dragons, big intelligent Avians, Mammals, Dinosaurs, and other beautiful creatures were real as day, so you could talk to them, touch them, and they could touch you...

Determined to bring them to reality in any way possible, that's why we're making a Multiplayer Co-Op Adult Sandbox Game (referred to as TGOR), which aims to capture what it would feel like to live as such creature.

The gameplay

Our goal is to give the players a unique freedom to immerse themselves in alien worlds and interact organically with the surroundings and their creature's body, which includes all the anatomically-essential body-parts.

The special Sexual Interaction system is just one part of the game's life simulation systems - we didn't shy away from other organic processes like food digestion, reacting to environment, and body conditions as well.

Just having a working systemic body is not enough to create a complete game, of course. You can also customize your creatures and make new species, to do that you will need to explore the realities, research technologies and get to intimately know other creatures to collect their genetic data. You'll need to use crafting to survive in harsh places, restore reality corruption, and fight harmful immaterial manifestations.

The setting

The game set in a science-fantasy setting, on a different plane of existence - a multiverse with its own set of natural laws. Where different cultures have their own morals and alien mentality, which doesn't share the human world outlook on what is good and bad.

Playing on contrasts of various fantasies and fears, game situations are to be designed to bring out different emotions for every individual. It ultimately leaves it up to you to decide - what will it be, a gruesome, bloody, filthy darkness, or a positive, playful and naughty experience?

We need your support

Patreon is how our massive project is fueled - it is driven by your support.

Our Patrons get access to early prototype builds, exclusive development news, participate in testing sessions, polls, discussions of features. Some Patrons even sponsor us to create new content (messages, statues, body-parts) for the game!

And of course, the biggest reward for everyone is that, with your support and care, the game will become a reality!

All further information about the game is available on our Patreon page, as we progress development we share more information about the game and its world there, post work-in-progress moments, reveal lore and elements of worldbuilding, show freshest models and artwork.


New character style

Environment look-dev

Old level blockouts

Concept art

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