Greetings, Traveler

I am Salireths, an independent creator and artist who is determined to bring Dragons into our reality, as well as other beautiful exotic, scaly, feathery and furry creatures from different alien worlds.

Organic and non-organic species, cultures, technologies - is a never ending source of my inspiration. I strive for anatomical correctness and, with all my being, I embrace the biological and sexual parts of living beings.

I'm hard at work on discovering a unique world, creating different forms of Artwork and Avatars depicting creatures I'm so passionate about.

With our small indie team I'm also making a Multiplayer Co-Op Adult Sandbox game, powered by Unreal Engine 4, it features Dragons and other Creatures, Crafting, Combat, Survival elements, and a unique Sexual Interaction system.

Your support is what makes it possible for me to keep creating all these wonderful things. Patreon is my fuel source; there you can get access to exclusive content, game builds, and regular updates on all my projects.

🔞 By proceeding to the website you agree that:
You are over eighteen years old.
You're comfortable with sexually explicit artwork regarding various exotic other-worldly creatures.
You can stomach various fetishes described (in detail) in the lore of my world and depicted in my art.

The Gateway of Realities

TGOR Multiverse lore & info

The Gateway of Realities is the setting of our game, and its all about exploring what it's like to be on a different "Plane of Existence". With its own set of natural laws, it notably differs from our "conventional" universe. It lies outside the space and time separation, not constrained by the finite energy. All which is imaginable; species, cultures, their technology and knowledge stay connected within the limitless Multiverse.

At a crucial point in history, the ancient and powerful Dragon civilization was being bested by the laws nature itself; their world was getting older, the stars were cooling down. With the approach of heat death, the end of everything was inevitable.

Desperate for survival, through all of their ingenuity, they challenged the cosmic forces: sacrificing what was left of their fading world, they opened a passage into a place where they, and every species they lovingly raised, would be safe.

A space of endless possibilities, an eternal existence.
They called it the Gateway of Realities.

Showcase and Store

Art gallery, avatars, model downloads

My regular 2D Gallery can still be found on Fur Affinity, but this place is my playground for all the projects that take a step beyond the regular canvas: Viewers of 3D-Models, Blender scenes, and Avatars for virtual-world platforms like Second Life.

I'm not focused on mastering the "ancient techniques" of art for the sake of art, I just use it as a tool, a bag of tricks to visualize what it's like to have my beloved creatures come to life.

My biggest dream is that Dragons, big intelligent Avians, Mammals, Dinosaurs, and other sexy creatures were real as day, so you could talk to them, you could touch them, and they could touch you...

This is why making static pictures is not "good enough" for me any more, I have to strive for more interactivity. This task requires not just only designing characters and making 3d models, but also a lot of programming, sound design, and much more.


Documentation, plugins, resources

My creative processes aren't just about placing polygons or brush strokes. I'm deeply involved with many technical aspects. As a result I end up creating special tools, assets and even plugins that might also be quite useful for others.

Even if you're not an artist, this section might be helpful for you to learn how to modify, customize, or use my creations in some ways.

I create for the community and I love to share - my models and tools shouldn't be just sitting collecting dust on my drives. I want you to inherit some of my knowledge, and assist you in creating too.

The world becomes a better place when more anatomically-correct artwork of all the sexy creatures is around; and perhaps one day, together, we will make our dreams come true...

If you use my creations, I only ask you to spread the word about them, credit me so others can also find their way to this resource I put a lot of effort to create. Some of these resources are even available to assist you make things for commercial use.


This is a new website, so it does not have a lot of content just yet. However, there is an updates page for you to quickly browse through what has been added and changed recently.

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