Eye maker

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Eye maker is a small substance graph that I made to help with making eye textures for my avatars.

You can freely use it to generate your own textures for any of your non-commercial needs.

To do that, first download Substance Player from the official website, install it on your system, and then open the EyeMaker .sbsar file in it.

You will be presented with a lot of sliders on the right sidebar organized by nice drop-down groups. Feel free to experiment and push various sliders, there is a small learning curve because you need to discover for yourself what each slider does, but other than that it's pretty easy. Might be easier than drawing such textures in bulk by hand.

If you want to preview eye on a spherical model, in the "3D-VIEW" window, under "Scene" choose "Sphere 2 Tiles" near the end of the list.

When you're satisfied with the result, choose "Export" > "Export as Bitmap" or just simply press F10 on your keyboard. Before exporting make sure your Output Size is at least 512 to get a good looking texture. You can reduce the size to improve performance while you're working on the texture.

Exporting as .png is usually preferable. Normal-map is optional, and if you're exporting it for Second Life it's best to avoid using them, as they just don't provide any meaningful visual enhancement to the eyes, and aren't supported by the eye script.

If you're not sure about eye-anatomy terminology, here's a cheat sheet:

Name Meaning
Pupil The black part of your eye, the light-hole.
Iris The often colorful part around the pupil
Sclera The white part around Iris that gets red when you get tired of reading this